Ikonopedia Showcases Momentum with Recent Installations of its Structured Breast Reporting Software Tools

CHICAGO, Nov. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Ikonopedia will introduce new breast imaging reporting and analytics tools to support compliance with EQUIP inspections, at the 103rd Annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting, November 26-December 1, 2017. Ikonopedia will demonstrate its complete suite of structured reporting tools at the Konica Minolta booth (South Hall #1919) and will also be available for educational meetings in MS224, located in the South Exhibit Hall.

With momentum building in the marketplace, Ikonopedia has recently initiated and completed installations across a broad range of breast imaging practices, from large radiology groups to mobile mammography providers and private practice physicians. Recent sales and installations include such sites as Mt. Sinai Health System in New York, NY, Walter P. Maynard M.D., Beverly Hills, Calif., Via Radiology, Seattle, WA, and Assured Imaging in Tucson, AZ. Ikonopedia also signed its first international customer, Tern Hill / The X-Ray Group in Australia.

In addition, Ikonopedia successfully completed its installation at Medical Arts Radiology, one of the largest medical imaging practices in Long Island, New York. Seven of Medical Arts’ nine sites have dedicated women’s imaging centers. With an active and expanding women’s imaging service, the partners recognized the need to upgrade their existing reporting system, which was outdated, labor intensive, and had potential for human error. Barry Morgenstern, M.D., Director of Breast Imaging at Medical Arts Radiology, said “Ikonopedia represents the best software solution to address all of our clinical needs with a cloud-based system capable of overcoming geographical restrictions.”

In response to the new FDA-mandated image quality requirements, Ikonopedia will showcase a series of new tools and reports to help breast imaging practices comply with the new EQUIP requirements. Ikonopedia automatically initiates periodic FDA-mandated image quality reviews, for both interpreting physicians and radiology technicians. The radiologist can review a sample set of auto-generated exams, document deficiencies and indicate required corrective actions, as indicated. Each exam is graded on the eight standard image quality measures, and grading criteria can be customized. Ongoing oversight of QA/QC records and corrective action is managed through Ikonopedia Analytics, with reports specifically designed to address EQUIP compliance. Additionally, Ikonopedia makes it easy for mobile clinics to manage EQUIP requirements. Multiple mobile stops can be grouped together as a single virtual site for quality review purposes. This feature can greatly reduce the number of exams that need to be reviewed for a mobile-heavy enterprise.

The new Patient Canvas is part of Ikonopedia’s Patient View module, a secure overview of all pertinent information about a patient. Patient Canvas is a graphical drag-and-drop scar/mole/lesion locator used by technologists, which can be made available to radiologists as they are reading images. The markers are scalable and rotatable with a date stamp above each one.

Ikonopedia is an innovative structured breast reporting and MQSA management system designed to dramatically improve reporting efficiency, and optimize facility operations. All findings are saved as discrete data which allows Ikonopedia to prevent errors, maintain BI-RADS-compliant language and automate many time-consuming processes. Ikonopedia makes it possible to eliminate laterality errors, automatically choose exam-appropriate patient letters and pull forward findings from past exams along with many other time-saving features. Built on modern technology, Ikonopedia employs a closed-loop follow-up system to make sure that patient findings do not get lost in the shuffle of a busy clinic.

“As we continue to deliver robust breast imaging tools that streamline and improve the accuracy of reporting and provide additional capabilities such as risk assessment, we have seen strong adoption. We are pleased to offer new tools and analytics designed to help breast imaging practices comply with the new EQUIP inspections and believe this will further demonstrate the value Ikonopedia brings to the market,” said Emily Crane, CEO of Ikonopedia.

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CHICAGO, Nov. 22, 2017/PRNewswire/ — Ikonopedia and Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc. are showcasing integrated breast imaging workflow and reporting, here, at the upcoming 103rd Annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting, November 26-December 1, 2017. Ikonopedia and Konica Minolta will demonstrate the integrated breast reporting package at the Konica Minolta booth (South Hall #1919) and Ikonopedia will also be available for educational meetings in MS224, located in the South Exhibit Hall.

Ikonopedia and Konica Minolta have expanded the partnership to integrate both the Opal and Exa healthcare IT platforms with Ikonopedia’s solution for breast imaging reporting and tracking. The integration with Exa offers a seamless, closed-loop experience with multi-directional functionality and automated follow-up for patients with significant BI RADs®. Ikonopedia’s solution captures various points of data from the Exa Mammo software to provide a complete patient profile that will result in automatic patient warnings and alerts.

“With more attention than ever on breast imaging quality and increasing tracking requirements for the new EQUIP inspections, we are pleased to integrate both our Opal and Exa offerings with Ikonopedia’s innovative reporting solutions,” said Steve Deaton, President, Konica Minolta Healthcare IT. “The combination of Ikonopedia’s closed-loop resolution manager and Exa Mammo stops patients from getting lost in the shuffle and monitors patients to full resolution, improving patient safety and saving valuable time for the radiologist and staff.”

Exa’s custom workflow engine design and advanced toolsets make it an ideal solution across a broad array of imaging services—from the enterprise to specialty based clinics. The Exa platform is comprised of multiple modules including PACS, RIS, EHR and specialty viewers, supporting digital breast tomosynthesis and cardiovascular imaging. The Exa modules can be used together as an integrated solution or individually with a facility’s existing software investments. It offers a diagnostic-quality Zero Footprint Universal Viewer and vendor neutral archive for DICOM and non-DICOM images; Server-Side Rendering for fast access to large files, such as 3D Mammography, with no prefetching required, and cybersecurity with no data transferred to or stored on workstations minimizing unwanted exposure to patient data. The Exa Platform was designed to enable each facility to design its own preferred imaging workflow, very simply, with drag and drop tools. The entire step-by-step process can be customized quickly and easily.

The Ikonopedia structured reporting system reliably captures pertinent data to meticulously track patients through each stage of the exam process. The MQSA-compliant toolset is targeted and automated to monitor patients in all categories of care. Structured data is captured from multiple locations including resources within Exa, the patient questionnaire, risk-assessment, technologist reporting, physician reporting, follow-up recommendations and more. Data is monitored to produce automatic warnings and alerts, personalized patient letters along with a detailed report to relay these findings to referring physicians.

Ikonopedia provides reporting tools for screening and diagnostic modalities including mammography, ultrasound, and MRI. EQUIP audit data is automatically captured in the background and reports are BI-RADS® language compliant based on the latest BIRADS® Atlas (5th edition). Data is pulled forward from previous exams and our risk-assessment tools including Tyrer Cuzick to automatically alert the radiologist and populate reports for high-risk patients.

“With the growing focus and urgency to improve breast imaging and accountability, we are pleased to integrate our breast imaging technology, which has not only helped mammography centers optimize patient and referring physician reporting, but also to implement individualized patient risk assessment tools, with Konica Minolta’s Exa Platform, one of the most advanced healthcare IT platforms available on the market,” said Emily Crane, CEO, Ikonopedia.

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