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Breast Reporting and Tracking System

Breast cancer is currently the most common cancer globally, accounting for 12.5% of all new annual cancer cases worldwide. Isn’t it time to deliver more than a standard annual exam?

Breast Cancer Statistics

Patient Self Assessment

About 85% of breast cancers occur in women who have no family history of breast cancer. It is why Ikonopedia offers the online Tyrer-Cuzick breast cancer risk evaluation tool. Just as radiologists need the best system available, women should have access to an assessment so they are informed and proactive in their health.

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Mammography has helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the U.S. by nearly 40% since 1990. Mammograms are early-detection screenings, so it is vital to schedule regular exams. Ikonopedia's lesion-specific closed-loop resolution ensures no finding is left unresolved or lost to follow-up. Our patient-centric design, combined with the right technology, elevates healthcare in a compelling manner for your patients and practice. Ikonopedia is designed to prevent the misses and engage patients for a follow-through earlier.

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Ikonopedia was started by internationally recognized breast health radiologists – Dr. László Tabár, Dr. Tom Stavros, and Dr. Michael Vendrell. Their motivating purpose is to offer a more complete, understandable, and closed-loop system so women and men with potential breast health issues receive the care they deserve.

  • László Tabár , MD, FACR (Hon)


    Known internationally for his leadership in the landmark Two-County Trial, Dr. Tabár established the value of mammography in reducing mortality from breast cancer. Dr. Tabár is a physician, researcher, and educator who continues to contribute through his research, writing, lectures.

  • A. Thomas Stavros , MD, FACR


    Internationally renowned for his expertise in ultrasound of the breast, Dr. Stavros has authored the definitive textbook, Breast Ultrasound and is considered one of the premier experts in the field. He is an invited lecturer, author of numerous peer reviewed articles, and was an investigator in the landmark ACRIN 6666 Trial.

  • Michael J. Vendrell , MD

    Founder and President Emeritus

    Dr. Vendrell conceived of Ikonopedia and the patents upon which it is based. He is our domain expert for Breast MRI and has participated in the design of Ikonopedia’s modules for Mammography, Ultrasound, MRI, Biopsy, and Pathology. He currently is passionate about using Breast MRI without IV contrast for widespread screening. His longer term goal is better understanding the molecular basis of malignant transformation toward eventual development of primary prevention of breast cancer.

  • Structured Reporting

    Ikonopedia provides a complete breast reporting suite built by physicians for physicians. Our structured software is intuitive, visually appealing, and BI-RADS® compliant. Physicians love reporting in Ikonopedia.
  • Customers

    Dr. Laxpati discusses Alinea’s mission to increase access to convenient breast cancer screening with mobile mammography and the latest innovations in technology.
  • Closed--Loop System

    Ikonopedia utilizes a lesion-specific closed-loop technology to ensure each area of concern is followed to complete resolution.