Analytics & Reporting

Ikonopedia’s patented structured reporting creates a wealth of usable data for deep reporting capabilities. No data entry is required as all elements are captured during patient and clinician use. Data includes patient history, clinical findings (including pathology), patient communications and follow-up (including timeframes).


Ikonopedia’s Analytics are automatically generated and ready for viewing any time. Analytics reports include MQSA ACR, EQUIP ACR, biopsy audits for ACR, breast audits and outcome summaries, unresolved BI-RADS and patient compliance, timeliness of follow-up care, grade of compliance, patient return counts, and many more.

Administrative Reporting

Administrative reports allow you to create your own customizable reports. Configurable report filters include date ranges, patient demographics, exam types, locations, and BI-RAD scores. Additional data elements include:

  • Unresolved exams and patients
  • Unresolved pathology
  • Patient follow-up status (late and/or past due)
  • High risk
  • BI-RADS® tracking