Modern-day, web-based APIs provide secure, painless integrations. Ikonopedia is developed with advanced technologies to integrate seamlessly with partners at multiple workflow points. Using secure web APIs or traditional methods of communication security, Ikonopedia can partner with your application stack to provide the solution you trust.  

Ikonopedia integrates fully with RIS, PACS, EMR, and enterprise patient portals. We integrate with the patient questionnaire within patient portals. We also integrate patient results and reminders to portals for secure patient messaging. Additional integrations include partnering with artificial intelligence triage and breast density applications for enhanced reporting. AI and density Integrations provide alerts, automated findings, and locations that directly populate within Ikonopedia. 

As a modern software solution, Ikonopedia is committed to any integration that will provide safety, clinician efficiency, and secure communications.

Ikonopedia is your trusted solution for breast reporting and tracking. We are the proven leader in cloud-based breast reporting and will remain at the forefront of emerging technologies.

Ikonopedia Integration Partners