Self-Assess Breast Cancer Risk

Ikonopedia offers a free online Tyrer-Cuzick Model Breast Cancer Risk evaluation tool for anyone to use. We want breast health risk assessment to be accessible to all women. While this should never replace a visit to a doctor, it is a great patient education and empowerment tool.

The Tyrer-Cuzick model is a breast cancer risk assessment tool incorporating family history, endogenous hormonal factors, benign disease, risk factors such as age and body mass index, and genetic factors (including BRCA) into a single statistical model. 

This tool estimates the likelihood of women developing breast cancer specifically within 10 years of their current age and over the course of a lifetime. The tool is used to inform women and help support the decision-making process for genetic counseling and testing. The Tyrer-Cuzick model has been shown in independent studies to be the most consistently accurate when compared with other available risk assessment models.