Breast Cancer Assessments and Screenings Lead to Early Diagnosis

FromKSLTVin Utah.

Intermountain Health offers breast cancer screenings with new MRI technology for better diagnosis. Using a risk assessment like Tyrer-Cuzick is vital for getting an MRI screening in a timely manner. As the news story highlights, family history, breast density, and age are some of the risk factors.

We believe breast health risk assessments should be available to all women as an essential patient education and empowerment tool. Providing proactive risk assessments encourages good practice outcomes by supporting the need for more MRI exams or other screening tools. TheTyrer-Cuzick modelhas been shown to be the most consistently accurate risk model in independent studies.

While breast cancer awareness month passes, we cannot forget the importance of getting annual mammograms, along with completing risk assessments and following through on them as needed – no matter the time of year.

We know how technology can aid in the testing, tracking, and follow-through in providing good breast health care. As a company, we are passionate about ensuring every person understands their risks and gets the screenings and follow-through they deserve. We are grateful to our customers for their work in offering complete breast care assessments, imaging services, and closed-loop tracking.

Let’s all remain diligent in preventing breast cancer.