Ikonopedia Announces Implementation of the American College of Radiology “Method of Detection” Guidelines.

New functionality provides a straightforward method for radiologists to indicate the first imaging test, or sign or symptom that triggered subsequent workup and diagnosis of breast cancer. Ikonopedia is designed to streamline workflow and compliance for women’s imaging centers and radiologists.  Facilitating compliance to the ACR BIRADS is a core competency of the platform and…

breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Assessments and Screenings Lead to Early Diagnosis

Intermountain Health offers breast cancer screenings with new MRI technology for better diagnosis. Using a risk assessment like Tyrer-Cuzick is vital for getting an MRI screening in a timely manner. As the news story highlights, family history, breast density, and age are some of the risk factors. We believe breast health risk assessments should be…

Ikonopedia Launches Risk Aware

Ikonopedia Licenses Tyrer-Cuzick Risk Assessment Tool Enables Proactive Breast Cancer Risk Assessments for All Practices Why it Matters Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed malignancy in U.S. women, and the second most common cause of cancer death among women worldwide. With this knowledge, greater risk testing must be done and tools like the Tyrer-Cuzick…

Ikonopedia Announces Appointment of Brett T. Parkinson, MD as Medical Advisor

Clinical Expert Joins Ikonopedia, maker of Cloud-based, Cutting-Edge Women’s Imaging Workflow Management and Analytics Software. “We are pleased to welcome Dr. Parkinson to our team as a medical  advisor,” said Emily Crane, Chief Executive Officer of Ikonopedia.  “Brett’s extensive experience in women’s imaging, work with the American College of Radiology and national reputation are invaluable…

IKONOPEDIA supports SBI 2023

Just returned from National Harbor, MD where we had a wonderful time at the Society of Breast Imaging Symposium.  We felt so lucky to have gotten to see so many of you in person and really enjoyed supporting this industry we love so much.  We learned about interesting new focus areas and new research many…

Mark Jensen

Ikonopedia Announces Appointment of Mark Jensen to Board of Directors

Industry Veteran Brings Deep History of Innovation, Development and Success to Cutting Edge Women’s Imaging Workflow Management and Analytics Company, Ikonopedia “We are pleased to welcome Mark to our Board of Directors,” said Emily Crane, Chief Executive Officer of Ikonopedia. “Mark’s deep experience in technology, business, radiology and specifically the needs of women’s imaging services…

Novarad partners with Ikonopedia to provide radiologists the next-generation in breast imaging solutions

Novarad Corporation announces a partnership with Ikonopedia to enhance clinical excellence with a complete breast care platform, NovaMG Pro.

Recently Published Study Using Ikonopedia Analytics Demonstrates Age as a Significant Risk Factor for Breast Arterial Calcifications (BAC)

BAC Detected by Digital Mammography Are a Potential Marker of Coronary Artery Disease

HALO Diagnostics Partners with Ikonopedia to Offer Comprehensive Women’s Health Genetic Testing to Improve Early Breast Cancer Detection

HALO Diagnostics announced a genetic testing partnership to improve breast cancer detection and patient outcomes.

Ikonopedia “Insight” Makes Data Work

Ikonopedia “Insight” is a colorful, interactive data visualization tool that provides valuable insight into your patient data

Local Reactions, Systemic Reactions, Adverse Events, and Serious Adverse Events: Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

Local reactions were reported by the majority of vaccine recipients and at higher rates than placebo recipients.

Jon Devries – CEO of Qlarity Imaging discusses the promising future of AI with Emily Crane – CEO of Ikonopedia

In this question and answer session, Jon discusses the impact that AI will have on the future of healthcare beginning with women’s imaging.

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