Ikonopedia Announces Significant Expansion in 2023

Continued revenue growth is driven by the expansion of the installed base, increase in the overall number of patients participating in screening programs and addition of new products.  

Today Ikonopedia has announced that the company has exceeded expectations in all key management metrics; the company sees no end in sight for the continued rapid expansion in the women’s imaging marketplace.  “Comprehensiveness of the platform, Cloud-based secure infrastructure, strong customer support, affordability, and a dedicated staff; these are the main reasons clients are choosing to leave their existing solutions and migrate to Ikonopedia.  We have been able to surpass all of our key metrics for growth by more than 20% in 2023, says Emily Crane, Ikonopedia’s CEO.”  Emily goes on to say clients are moving their enterprise to Ikonopedia because they understand our compassion for women’s health, early detection and saving lives.”

“Surpassing company goals is not a surprise for me or any of my colleagues on the Ikonopedia Board of Directors”, says Board Chairman, Woodrow Gandy, MD. “Emily has done a superb job of surrounding herself with a team of smart, driven, compassionate, entrepreneurs that share her drive, vision, and focus.  Expansion of the product portfolio to include a stand-alone High Risk Screening platform, Risk Aware, has increased the reach of the company all the while keeping client costs under control.  I am excited about our shared near-term and long-term opportunity.”

About Ikonopedia

Ikonopedia is the only cloud-based data analytics and structured reporting system for breast imaging. In addition to improving efficiency and enhancing data collection, it also provides reporting safety features not offered by other companies. Ikonopedia is BI-RADS and MQSA compliant.  

Ikonopedia was founded by three expert breast imaging radiologists: László Tabár, MD is the author of 6 books in 10 languages on mammography and a world-renowned educator;  A. Thomas Stavros, MD is the author of one of the most popular reference books in the field of breast ultrasound; and Michael J. Vendrell, MD is an expert in breast MRI and CAD design with extensive experience in breast-imaging software. For more information, visit www.ikonopedia.com.