Ikonopedia Inks Deal with Akumin Healthcare System-wide

Continued development and expansion of the Ikonopedia platform coupled with overwhelming client support sets the company apart and builds confidence in a dedicated platform for women’s healthcare.

Ikonopedia, the only web-based breast imaging reporting, patient management, and MQSA Analytics platform on the market. Proudly announces the acquisition of Akumin Healthcare as a valued client. This partnership represents a significant milestone in Ikonopedia’s mission to revolutionize breast imaging practices and improve patient care through innovative technology.

Akumin Healthcare, a renowned provider of comprehensive healthcare solutions, has selected Ikonopedia’s cutting-edge software platform to enhance its breast imaging reporting and workflow efficiency across its network of healthcare facilities. By leveraging Ikonopedia’s advanced capabilities, Akumin Healthcare aims to elevate the standard of care for breast imaging patients while optimizing operational performance.

“We are thrilled to welcome Akumin Healthcare to the Ikonopedia cloud,” said Emily Crane, CEO of Ikonopedia. ” Our commitment to empowering healthcare providers with the tools they need to deliver exceptional care and improve patient outcomes will be a perfect fit with the innovative cloud-based eco-system that Akumin is rolling out to all organizations. Together, we will revolutionize breast imaging practices and drive clinical excellence.”

Ikonopedia’s comprehensive suite of solutions offers unmatched capabilities in structured reporting, analytics, and automated tracking features. By standardizing reporting practices and streamlining workflow processes, radiologists can expedite the reporting process while ensuring accuracy and consistency across interpretations.

“We are excited to partner with Ikonopedia to enhance our breast imaging services and deliver superior care to our patients,” said Paul Nelis, Chief Information Officer  at Akumin Healthcare. “Ikonopedia’s innovative platform aligns seamlessly with our commitment to leveraging technology and innovation to optimize healthcare delivery. We look forward to collaborating with Ikonopedia to drive clinical excellence and improve patient outcomes.”

The acquisition of Akumin Healthcare as a client underscores Ikonopedia’s position as the technology leader in breast imaging reporting and tracking solutions. By partnering with industry-leading healthcare providers like Akumin Healthcare, Ikonopedia remains at the forefront of driving innovation and advancing breast imaging practices worldwide.

For more information about Ikonopedia and its innovative solutions, please visit www.ikonopedia.com

About Ikonopedia:

Ikonopedia is a leading provider of breast imaging reporting and tracking solutions, dedicated to revolutionizing breast imaging practices and improving patient care through innovative technology. Its advanced software platform offers unparalleled capabilities in structured reporting, analytics, and workflow optimization, empowering healthcare providers to deliver exceptional care and improve patient outcomes.  www.ikonopedia.com

About Akumin:

Akumin owns and operates one of the leading networks of radiology and oncology clinics in the U.S., providing comprehensive radiology and oncology services and solutions to over 1,000 hospitals and health systems across 47 states. By combining informatics and clinical and operational expertise with the latest advances in technology, Akumin is able to effectively execute its mission of delivering exceptional patient experiences and outcomes. Our radiology procedures include MRI, CT, PET/CT, Ultrasound, 3D mammography, X-ray, and other interventional procedures, and our oncology services include a full suite of radiation therapy services and related offerings for treating patients diagnosed with cancer. For more information, visit www.Akumin.com.