Why Genetic Testing is Useful in Detecting Cancer

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is the federal government’s primary cancer research and training agency. NCI leads the nation’s research efforts to improve cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, and survivorship. It supports 72 NCI-Designated Cancer Centers and more than 5,000 grantees. The organization also coordinates and supports all phases of clinical trials across 2,500 clinical trial…

A Brief Overview: National Comprehensive Cancer Network Guidelines

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network¬†(NCCN) is a not-for-profit alliance of 33 leading cancer centers devoted to patient care, research, and education. NCCN is dedicated to improving and facilitating quality, effective, equitable, and accessible cancer care so all patients can live better lives. The NCCN offers several programs and resources to give clinicians access to tools…

European radiographers optimistic about AI’s future role in workflow

While radiographers (the European equivalent to radiologic technologists) are concerned about job security, they are also optimistic about AI’s role in their future workflow, according to a presentation on March 1 at the 2024 European Congress of Radiology. In her presentation, Gemma Walsh from Whittington Health National Health Service (NHS) Trust in London, England, outlined…

Real-world implementation of AI in mammography.

Health Imaging spoke with Samir Patel, MD, CCD, DABR, FACR diagnostic at Radiology Inc. and Beacon Health System about the growing trends for AI in mammography in sessions at the RSNA 2023 meeting. Patel was enthusiastic and said AI is revolutionizing breast imaging. The real-world implementation of AI in mammography is improving radiologist workflows as…

breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Assessments and Screenings Lead to Early Diagnosis

Intermountain Health offers breast cancer screenings with new MRI technology for better diagnosis. Using a risk assessment like Tyrer-Cuzick is vital for getting an MRI screening in a timely manner. As the news story highlights, family history, breast density, and age are some of the risk factors. We believe breast health risk assessments should be…

Recently Published Study Using Ikonopedia Analytics Demonstrates Age as a Significant Risk Factor for Breast Arterial Calcifications (BAC)

BAC Detected by Digital Mammography Are a Potential Marker of Coronary Artery Disease

Benefits in the Cloud

Ikonopedia is the first and only cloud-based breast reporting and tracking system that is optimally developed to operate in the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Services

Being a cloud-based service has many benefits to us as a vendor and to our clients.

Local Reactions, Systemic Reactions, Adverse Events, and Serious Adverse Events: Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

Local reactions were reported by the majority of vaccine recipients and at higher rates than placebo recipients.

Staying In-Touch with Ikonopedia Customers

I want to share a little about our Client Services team and some the benefits customers have appreciated for years.