Recently Published Study Using Ikonopedia Analytics Demonstrates Age as a Significant Risk Factor for Breast Arterial Calcifications (BAC)

BAC Detected by Digital Mammography Are a Potential Marker of Coronary Artery Disease

Benefits in the Cloud

Ikonopedia is the first and only cloud-based breast reporting and tracking system that is optimally developed to operate in the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Services

Being a cloud-based service has many benefits to us as a vendor and to our clients.

Local Reactions, Systemic Reactions, Adverse Events, and Serious Adverse Events: Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

Local reactions were reported by the majority of vaccine recipients and at higher rates than placebo recipients.

Staying In-Touch with Ikonopedia Customers

I want to share a little about our Client Services team and some the benefits customers have appreciated for years.