Staying In-Touch with Ikonopedia Customers

My name is Ronnie Rios, Manager of Client Services here at Ikonopedia.  My job is to interface with customers, answer questions, take suggestions, and report issues back to development. I want to share a little about our Client Services team and some the benefits customers have appreciated for years.

First, each customer case is handled by a live agent — no robo-help here!  And, we have multiple ways for customers to submit requests.  You can choose the way that works best for you.   Each case is thoroughly reviewed and resolved as quickly as possible and all questions are welcome.

Recently, a customer called asking if there was a way to place a special tracking alert for a high-risk patient.  I was happy to tell her that that all she needed to do was select the “watch” tab next to the BI-RADS alert tabs in the follow-up manager. Ikonopedia’s feature set is extensive and deep but we always strive to place the most important features at the top level like this one.  They love this feature and are happy with how easy it is to use.  This type of customer call happens daily and we are glad that Ikonopedia is flexible enough to resolve issues like this on the spot.

Sometimes customer requests are not so easily resolved by flipping a switch.  A customer may be asking for a new feature request or a behavior change that makes the process more efficient.

When this happens, we triage the request and meet with internal domain experts to review and make recommendations.  If this is a high-impact request, the development team will usually jump right on it and, in many cases, make the change within hours or the same day.  We stay in constant communication with customers to keep them up to date on each of their requests or issues.  These quick updates are considerably easier to manage in the cloud!

For requests that have a lower triage grade or require more development time, we provide regular software updates.  The updates are released on a regular basis or sooner if it is an important feature like our new MRI update. Before an update is released, customers are notified in advance and release notes are provided for review.  Additionally, an alert dialog is displayed on the day of the release notifying those that may have missed the release notes. After a new software release, client services remains vigilant and ready to answer any question that may come in.

Client Services is constantly learning and growing every day! Every call, suggestion and request is added to our customer service database. As our customer base grows, our client support team develops an even greater wealth of knowledge. We also use this data to prioritize future development so don’t think your suggestions are unimportant or go unnoticed.

We strive for excellence here at Ikonopedia.  Here is a parting testimonial from one of our customers that gives us great motivation.

“This cloud-based solution offers an intuitive method to produce concise, consistent reports that providers appreciate. Perhaps most importantly, the ongoing support of the Ikonopedia staff from the CEO, sales, application, and helpline provide quick, friendly, and customized solutions to every problem or need.”

Sharon R. Helmer, MD Director, Breast Imaging Division Oakland-Macomb