Benefits of Cloud-Based Services

Implementation in the Cloud

Being a cloud-based service has many benefits to us as a vendor and to our clients.  There are several articles that have been written and analyzed that discuss how cloud-based services are cost effective, provide high-availability, and the versatile nature of the technology.  This article will elaborate on versatility aspect of cloud-based services and discuss the benefits in regard to implementation, application updates, and integration

Being “Agile”

Let’s start with some obligatory buzzwords like “agile” and “pivot”.  The problem with these buzzwords is that they’ve been used so much that the definition has become obscure.  With a cloud-based service the technology does allow us to be more agile and pivot quickly based on our client’s needs.  This is a fancy way of saying that we can quickly make application changes based on the needs of our clients in regard to workflow improvements and/or integrations with other vendors.

This is achievable because all customers are working from the latest application version at all times.  This alleviates the need for a customer to upgrade to the latest version of software before a new feature will be available.

Speed and Success of New Implementations:

Being a cloud-based application, adding a new customer can be completed within hours or just a few days rather than weeks or months.  One of our recent customers was actively using Ikonopedia within a week of contract signature.  The entire cloud-based environment is owned and managed by our staff so we’re not relying on hardware planning, purchasing, shipping, and installation.  The speed in which new customers can be brought live does not sacrifice the success and effectiveness of this new customer.  Application training is still at the forefront of each implementation, with the continued support for the staff as they familiarize themselves with Ikonopedia and review workflows to improve efficiency.

Versatile Integrations:

Modern-day web-based APIs provide secure painless integrations. Ikonopedia is developed with advanced technologies to seamlessly integrate with partners at multiple workflow points.  Using secure web API or traditional methods of communication security, Ikonopedia can partner with your application stack to provide a seamless solution that you can trust.

Ikonopedia has been able to successfully develop new integration points with other vendors within a couple days rather than weeks or months.

The word “success” is mentioned several times in this article because technology, speed, and agility are useless if it isn’t utilized successfully. Cloud-based technology allows Ikonopedia to quickly, efficiently, and successfully adapt and implement to meet the needs of our customers today instead of months from now. Ikonopedia is the trusted and proven leader in cloud-based breast reporting and patient tracking.  We are at the forefront of technology and will continue that trend with emerging technologies.