Ikonopedia to Introduce Enhanced Breast Ultrasound Reporting Module at SBI

Ikonopedia Streamlines Reporting for Screening and Diagnostic Exams Acquired with Automated and Hand Held Ultrasound Systems

LAS VEGAS, Apr 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Ikonopedia will introduce its next-generation breast ultrasound reporting module at the 2018 SBI/ACR Breast Imaging Symposium, April 12-15, 2018. The new and intuitive, BI-RADS® compliant interface is designed to streamline reporting for both screening and diagnostic exams acquired with both Automated Breast Ultrasound and Hand Held Ultrasound. Ikonopedia will demonstrate its complete suite of breast imaging structured reporting tools at SBI. (Booth #231).

The new module, based on the teaching files of A. Thomas Stavros, MD, FACR, one of Ikonopedia’s founders and author of Breast Ultrasound, one of the most popular reference books in the field of breast ultrasound, guides breast imagers through the interpretive process for breast ultrasound exams with an intuitive lesion locator tool designed specifically for breast ultrasound. The new module leverages Ikonopedia’s proprietary reporting interface and lesion locator that has increased efficiency for breast imagers in other breast imaging modalities. All reports are guaranteed to be 100% BI-RADS® language compliant and current with the Atlas 5th Edition. Ikonopedia is fast without sacrificing accuracy while eliminating reporting errors common with dictation such as inappropriate BI-RADS®, incomplete reports, and wrong-side reporting.

“As breast centers and imaging facilities look to employ a more personalized approach to screening based on breast density and other risk factors, the use of breast ultrasound continues to increase,” said Dr. Stavros. “Used as a companion to our innovative mammography reporting modality, this next generation breast ultrasound module is designed to help breast imagers generate clear, consistent reports faster. While the breadth of icon-based structured breast ultrasound reporting remains extensive, the situational-based display of only relative icons unclutters the screen, and makes reporting cleaner, faster, and more efficient. I expect that this will be consistent with the productivity gains of an hour per day per physician that our users experienced when the updated diagnostic mammography module was launched.”

“Ikonopedia is an innovative structured breast reporting and MQSA management system designed to dramatically improve reporting efficiency, and optimize facility operations. All findings are saved as discrete data which allows Ikonopedia to prevent errors, maintain BI-RADS-compliant language and automate many time-consuming processes. Ikonopedia also provides users with the first-ever web-based version of the Tyrer-Cuzick Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool, which is utilized to inform women about their lifetime risk of developing breast cancer and to help them make decisions about genetic testing and breast cancer screening options.

“Ikonopedia’s icon-based structured report automatically populates a back-end database from which turnkey performance audits can be generated by breast center employees. Establishing an audit for supplemental breast ultrasound screening is a critical first-step in developing a supplemental breast ultrasound screening program, but a step that many breast imagers are uncomfortable developing and initiating on their own. We anticipate that many breast imagers will appreciate help in establishing and automating their supplemental breast ultrasound screening audits,” added Dr. Stavros.

“While Cloud-based applications are relatively new in medical imaging, Ikonopedia has delivered product updates and new solutions to our entire customer base via the Cloud for five years, free of charge. This enhanced breast ultrasound module is an example of Ikonopedia’s commitment to regularly deliver robust breast imaging tools that streamline and improve the accuracy of reporting and provide additional capabilities such as risk assessment and new tools to help practices comply with the new EQUIP requirements,” said Emily Crane, CEO of Ikonopedia.