Ikonopedia Analytics makes data work for customers

Insight will allow customers to dive even deeper into their existing patient and exam data than even the current Analytics report suite.

Ikonopedia “Insight” Makes Data Work

Ikonopedia “Insight” is a colorful, interactive data visualization tool that provides valuable insight into your patient data

Local Reactions, Systemic Reactions, Adverse Events, and Serious Adverse Events: Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

Local reactions were reported by the majority of vaccine recipients and at higher rates than placebo recipients.

Jon Devries – CEO of Qlarity Imaging discusses the promising future of AI with Emily Crane – CEO of Ikonopedia

In this question and answer session, Jon discusses the impact that AI will have on the future of healthcare beginning with women’s imaging.

Staying In-Touch with Ikonopedia Customers

I want to share a little about our Client Services team and some the benefits customers have appreciated for years.

Ikonopedia Releases Enhanced Breast MRI Reporting Module

Reduces the Complexity of Reporting for Screening and Diagnostic MRI Exams to Deliver Time-Saving and Patient Safety Benefits

Language can be barrier to breast screening

Women who only speak Spanish have a 27% less likelihood of getting a screening mammogram than English speakers

Ikonopedia and CureMetrix host interactive mammography course for radiologists with Dr. László Tabár

Ikonopedia and CureMetrix are pleased to support you with a special hands-on, interactive program featuring the renowned Dr. László Tabár

Women’s Imaging Sponsored by Mammotome Radiologists, AI make a great team in screening mammo

Models demonstrated sufficient diagnostic performance to merit further prospective evaluation as an independent reader.

Can AI lower radiologists’ mammography workload?

Artificial intelligence (AI)-based software can reliably categorize a significant percentage of negative screening mammograms as normal.

Dr. Lisa Peña’s personal fight with breast cancer and the lifesaving importance of early detection

Dr. Peña caught our attention with her video describing her personal experience with breast cancer.

Tabár reflects on 50 years of work in mammography

Tabár shares the fascinating story of why he has dedicated the past 50 years of his life to introducing and improving mammography screening.

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